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Do you know what this world needs?

I'll tell you what it doesn't need...more negativity. We have all the bad news, bad feelings and bad words that we need. News networks, television, websites, and sometimes friends feed us our daily does of bad news and guilt. We think there needs to be a change. For years now, applications have "gone viral" that spread filth and useless messages. How about we share the good. Let's start with sharing good news, videos, photos, quotes and pages on Upliftly and see where that leads us.


Q: Do I need to join in order to vote?
A: Yes. But it is quick, painless, and free. It is the only way to keep the good content up top.

Q: How much does this service cost?
A: It's free.

Q: How can I be a featured member or trusted partner?
A: To be a featured member, start posting and sharing! The more points you gain, the more trusted you become. To become a partner contact us at info@upliftly.com

Q: How do I gain points?
A: When you share content from the bookmarklet or chrome extension, other members can vote your content up. Everytime someone votes it up, you get a point.

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